I recently made a switch from traditional to belly, and so far have loved the results. My stance was out of whack, wrists too involved, and I obviously had trouble making putts. It occured to me that solving many recreational golfers problems with a belly putter seems like an easy solution. Or as Hank Haney described,

“In a normal putting stroke, both ends of the putter can move off line. By anchoring the butt of the club in your stomach with a belly putter, you guarantee that only one end of the club is moving. That makes for a much steadier stroke,especiallyfor somebody who’s a little shaky with that top hand.”
-Hank Haney

Lets say you are a bowler, and they come out with a new type of ball that makes it a lot easier to throw with proper technique. The cost is about the same, both are legal by PBA rules, but one eliminates the most common human errors and the other is the traditional ball. I would guess most bowlers would choose the ball that encourages proper technique vs. the one that is harder to throw in every way.

Yet, golfers all over the place are willing to putt 40 times and yip their way around greens instead of trying the long putter.

I am not suggesting that a belly putter makes a bad putter a good one, but I am suggesting that it takes out a lot of human error and with practice can make a once bad putter a much better putter.

At the very least, its worth a try.