• Phenomenal! Amazing experience. Craig knows so much about the plane and made me feel safe throughout the whole experience. So worth it!!!

    Audrey Avatar

    I absolutely loved this experience! Craig was super passionate about his plane and was great in terms of explaining various components, how they work and the history behind them. He was very clear when showing me how to take control in the air, and I had a blast! Well worth the money!

    Ashleigh Avatar

    I booked this flight lesson for Christmas Eve for my boyfriend who is an aspiring aviator, and this was definitely his favorite experience out of our entire trip!

    From my end, Craig was super accommodating. It was forecasted to rain all day but he closely monitored for breaks in the weather. Even though the experience was for my boyfriend, Craig made me feel included by allowing both of us to go into the cockpit and giving us an in-depth tour of the mechanics of the plane. Ultimately, the rain died down, and they were able to fly! Seeing my boyfriend’s excited face was so worth it!!

    My boyfriend had this to say about the experience:
    Craig is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled pilot. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience! His instruction style was extremely approachable, and he made an inherently complex and dangerous activity fun, exhilarating, and easy! I loved the experience and would 10/10 recommend this for anyone interested in flying!

    Overall, Craig is amazing along with the flight lesson itself! We definitely recommend purchasing the GoPro video to record this unique experience and to share with family and friends!

    Loni Avatar
  • Craig was very nice and this entire experience was such a blast! He was super knowledgeable about the aircraft and seemed so passionate about all of it. Makes me want to fly more. Worth it!

    Iris Avatar

    Craig’s expertise and obvious passion for flying sets the stage for an exhilarating and memorable experience. The confidence I had in his ability to provide a safe flight put me entirely at ease, following the flight I surprisingly described my experience as extremely calm and relaxing. It it such a thrill to soar about the skies in such a beautifully restored and maintained aircraft that holds such an important place in history. Magnificent!

    Bruce Avatar

    Had an amazing time, Craig is an awesome pilot and made sure I understood everything I needed to know. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would want to experience flying a plane!

    Symone Avatar