I was online the other day looking for ideas for good golf team name for a scramble we’ll be playing in. Thought I would share what I found…

Birdies, Bogeys, Beer, and Bourbon
“The Long Balls”
Golf is the Least of Our Problems
“Hoof Hearted”
The waterballs
The Hackdaddeez
Dirty Birdie
Back 9 Bandits
Club Hoppers
The Sand Traps
Gang Green
The Mulligans
The Woodsmen

The Happy Hookers
Strokes of Luck
Slice and Dice
Tee Totalers
The Shanksville Duffs
The Demolition Dimples
Hook shot Handymen
The Burly Birdies
Pin High
Driving Miss ________ <–captain’s name
Against the Grain
Stroke of Bad Luck
Hole in Ten
Fore Play
Hack Attack
Pin Seekers
Golf Warriors
The Drunken Wankers
Just a Hack
balls of fire
the mini tigers
Golf Cowboys
The Birdies
Sandy Savers
“Have you see my ball?”
” Four!!!!!!!”
“Foot Wedge crew”
the wrecking balls
The Sultans of Swing
Fairways and Highways
” better than being at work”
“The Wedgies”
The Mulligans
Fringe Players
Bunch ‘O Hacks
Going Pro (not)
Rough Boys
Worm Burners
Layin’ 4
Friends w/ Hot Temper
Bogey Boys
Fairway Miners!
Tiger’s Wood
the gimmes
team ‘where’s the beer girl?’
the close enoughs
wonder whackers
“Has anyone seen my balls?”
Banned In 3 States–So Far
Hackers and packers
Bush Wackers
The Putt Pirates

-If you have more I’d love to see them in the comments…