I’m currently a 3 handicap and playing mediocre in my opinion.

Some rounds I go low and play great, for example i shoot a 34 on a par 36 (only played the front 9 of the course). The course wasn’t extremely tough, but it’s not simple either. I went and played 18 holes at a harder course over the weekend and shoot an 80. I couldn’t putt worth a crap. 34 total putts later it was a mess.

Anyways, I have been thinking about getting bettor and how to accomplish that. First off I want to say that i work 40 hours aweekMonday through Friday. I can’t do a Tiger day which starts at 8am and ends and 8pm.
My thoughts and plans on how to get from a 3 handicap to scratch or bettor. So, in other words my goal is to lower my handicap by at least 3 or more. the ultimate goal would be a +3 to +5 handicap (PGA Tour level).

just to give some background in how i break down the golf swing:
mechanics (grip posture, alignment, etc)
The Swing (arm swing [releasing the club], body swing [upper and lower] and contact)
Advanced Swing (tempo, ball flight, controlling spin)

Here Is the practice schedule i have lay out for myself.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
30 minutes focusing on one aspect of my short game (pitching, chipping, putting, etc.)
15 minutes on the range focusing on one aspect of mechanics. (for me typically alignment)
30 minutes on the range focusing on one aspect of the swing (for me currently the arm swing)
30 minutes on the range focusing on one aspect of the advanced swing (currently it’s tempo for me)
15 minutes on the range focusing on the previous two aspects working as a unit (working together)

Tuesday and Thursday:
30 minute warm up, my routine is typically 8iron, 5iron, 5wood, Driver, LW, PW, then if I have played the course before i will practice the 1st hole. Tee Shoot, Approach Shoot, and pretend I missed the green and hit some kind of pitch shot. I’m just tryign to get loosend up and understand where my miss is going to be that day (left with a hook, left with a pull, right with a slice, etc.)
I then putt for 5 minutes to gauge a speed of the greens and i go and play 9 holes. I don’t really keep to close attention to my score, rather I view my stats as most important and i chose one area to try and lower that round, for instance, if my average number of putts per 18 holes is 32 i want to get that down to 30 or lower.

Saturday and Sunday:
I play 18 holes, both days. I come to the course with at least 1 hour before my tee time. if it’s a tournament i come with at lest 1.5 hours before my tee time. I will take 15 minutes on putting, 15 minutes on pitching, 15 minutes on chipping,