Summer has arrived with a vengeance with temperatures in the upper 90’s having a huge impact on golf hackers like myself. First, there is the obvious, HEAT! It’ll sap your energy affecting your strength on drives and your concentration on putts. But there are positives & negatives to the summer heat. Let’s start with the positives, the Fairways! The water deprived fairways are hard as a rock. Drives stir up dust on impact and roll for miles. Ok, maybe not miles but at least another 20 yards. Very good for a hacker like myself. Even the sand is hard making iteasyon those fairway traps to take out an iron and pick the ball right out the trap & down towards the green. But then there are the negatives. Hit a ball fat and you may break your wrist. And greens are as slick as glass. Fast, fast, fast. And finally there is the sweat factor. Just when you’re ready to grip it and rip it, a huge drop of sweat runs down your forehead and into your eye. And don’t even think about using that excuse when you top the ball.
So yes, it’s summer and it’s HELL out there. ALL punes intended.