As promised, here is my review of FreeCaddie
for Windows Mobile. First, a disclaimer: I don’t work nor know anyone
associated with the company making this product ;-). So I went to play
Douglaston golf course in queens, ny. Had the course loaded, along with others
from around my area, well in advance. On the first tee it was showing the same
yardage as the marker and there after it was pin point on every hole. On 17th
tee box had a little comparing to the “golf ginnie” and turned out that I had
exact yardage that the ground marker was showing unlike the ginnie which added
few yards.Alsoa nice feature of the free non limited trial was the shot
measure. In the end I liked this thing so much that I decided to spend 25
bucks for the pro version.

Hopefully you can find this helpful.

According to their website these are the

Feature FreeCaddie FreeCaddie Pro
Distance to
front/center/back of green
Yes Yes
Distance to
No Yes
Measure Length of
No Yes
Course File Storage No Limit No Limit
Scorekeeping No Yes
Statistics No Yes
Download Course Data
at golf course
No Yes
Price Free $24.95
Annual Course
Subscription Fee
No No
Course Editing No Yes
GPS Internal/Bluetooth Internal/Bluetooth
Free Software
Yes Yes