On Wednesday before the Masters, my fiance asked me, “Why does it always seem like Tiger comes from behind to win tournaments?”. I simply told her, intimidation. Michael Jordan once said that he never tries to force things, he let’s the game come to him and if your patient, it will happen. Tiger Woods is the same way, he sort of eases his way into a lead. When Tiger Woods is playing behind you both physically and on the leaderboard, the field always has to keep in the back of their minds, “Where’s Tiger”. They becomeintimidated,and nervous, wondering if the score they have will be enough to hold up and in return forces them to attempt shots they normally wouldn’t attempt. Even when he is having a bad week, bad for Tiger is good for most players, I would take Tiger’s bad shots in a heartbeat. So as Tiger continues to play his game, the rest of the field is constantly looking over their shoulder, and before they have time to focus on the tasks ahead of them, well he has taken the lead.